Bill Gates prefers to use an Android device over an iOS one as according to him the Google-owned OS is much more compatible and user-friendly

As much as Apple comes up with the best of its technology on their devices and especially on iPhones. Not everyone prefers to use them. iPhones have always been the center of attraction with their visually pleasing looks, but Android phones these days aren’t behind on that department as well. The competition between Android and iPhone is the one that is going on since forever, and even though this competition is tight, it is healthy as well! People often switch from an Android phone to an iPhone every now and then, and this statement was actually surprising to hear from an interview that was held on an app recently launched just on iOS devices at the moment!

William Henry Gates, known to the world as Bill Gates is a name that has been around at the top for years. He is the co-owner of Microsoft Corporation, an author, software developer, investor and philanthropist. He is best known for his humble nature and his attitude towards life.

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Bill Gates appeared in a recent interview with Andrew Ross Sorkin who is an American journalist and author. The interview took place on the newly launched app Clubhouse that is only available for iOS at the moment and not for Android yet. For those who don't know what the Clubhouse app is for, this platform is an invite-only social media platform that hosts audio chats. It was launched in April of 2020 by Paul Davison and Rohan Seth, owners of Alpha Exploration and Co.

Bill Gates over at the interview said that he prefers to use Android phones over iPhones as Android phones are manufactured to be more user friendly and flexible. He explained this statement more by stating that Android phones have a better Microsoft system installed into their phones that makes it easy for him to keep track of Microsoft. Andrew Sorkin asked him if he ever uses an Apple phone ever to which Bill Gates replied that he does play with them every now or then but the one he uses the most and finds more compatible with his needs is an Android phone.

The reason that Bill Gates gave over his statement about preferring to use an Android phone over an iPhone is looking quite absurd to some people because any iPhone user can use Microsoft and its apps by downloading the Microsoft app through the App Store on iPhone and now with the recent iOS 14, Apple allows you to set your whole browser and emails to default with Microsoft.

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