Microsoft is testing a built-in Math Solver for its Edge browser

Edge is Microsoft’s very own developed web browser that was first released in 2015 for Windows 10 and Xbox One. It was released for Android and iOS devices in 2017. Microsoft brings updates for its browser almost weekly with new features and improved tools. A much loved feature that was released recently is the option in the preview channel to allow users to open Office files directly in the browser. This feature has proved to be very efficient for the users and has saved a lot of time as well.

Ever had to solve a math problem in very little time? Well, whether you are a student or just someone whose work requires to solve a lot of mathematical problems, Microsoft now furthermore is coming with new features for that, it has been reported by a Reddit user Leopeva64-2, that Microsoft is testing out a built in math solver for its Edge browser.

The new feature might appear in the Settings menu under the Appearance section for Edge Canary. According to the recent spotting, when clicking on that option the user will be met with two options, whether to type in their math problem manually or get a window that can crop down the math problem on the screen working just like the Snipping Tool feature that is available in Windows 10. This built in Match solver (or we can call it calculator) will solve the equation that the user provides along with giving the verification as well.

Even though this feature is still in testing phase, Math Solver will for sure prove to be a useful tool for many users out there especially students and professionals who have to solve math problems within seconds or for kids even to check if their math homework problem is solved correctly by them or not. This feature is of course more advanced with also offering multiple other features as well and not at all like the standard Calculator we find in Windows 10 that shows the steps of the solution to the problem as well.

This feature may not be available for everyone as Microsoft is yet to test it out accurately with a bunch of users before passing an official statement. Once out, we are sure that this feature will be the most talked about by everyone around us.

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