Google Users Locked Out of Accounts Are Left Desperate Due to Terrible Customer Support

Google is one of the biggest companies in the world, and one thing that this has ended up doing is that it has created a situation wherein people have started criticizing it. After all, any company that forms such a crucial basis of how people end up going about their day to day lives needs to be on top of its game when it comes to customer support and the like, and a recent events have indicated that customer support does not seem to be all that high of a priority for Google at least based on the customer experiences that people have been forced to go through.

Perhaps the most pertinent example of how Google creates problems for various users has to do with the fact that they can get locked out of their Google accounts and there is not all that much that Google is willing to do in order to try to help them. Most people that get locked out of their Google accounts are forced to beg for help from random people on the internet in the hopes that someone or the other would help them regain access.

One’s Google account contains a lot of information that is necessary for them in quite a few ways if you think about it. You can have your bank details on this account and you might use it to access various other social media accounts that you need on a day to day basis. Such a thing can be especially stressful for people that conduct business through their Google accounts since a lack of access can make it quite unlikely that they would be able to get any of the requisite tasks done in time.

Recently, a Google customer named Chris talked about their experiences with such matters. They found that they had been banned from accessing their account without any prior warning, and this is the sort of thing that made them request other people for help. Twitter and Reddit is full of complaints from people tagging Google saying that their accounts were locked without any information given as to why it was locked in the first place, and when they appeal the suspensions to Google this ends up being rejected without any further reasoning as well.

It is clear that this is a situation that Google would need to address as soon as possible. Not only is this a terrible way to do business, it will also prevent people from accessing essential services. Google should at the very least start providing some kind of reasoning for account suspensions so that users can move forward accordingly. Sadly, this is not the only case with Google, major tech companies, including Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, in the past have adopted a similar approach with some users, such extreme actions is the worst possible experience one can have in this tech age, it feels like a digital jail, where big companies can put anyone any time without any proper explanation. And unfortunately, there's no real support or mechanism to make big companies answerable to such actions.

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