Facebook Reveals the Eligibility Criteria for The Top Tier Level of Facebook Gaming: Partners

Facebook provides a gaming accessibility to its users and that is also divided into three status tiers or levels each of which offers a separate degree of access and support to the users. The three tiers are: general gaming creators, Level Up creators, and Partners.

The first tier which is the general gaming creator is a level which allows all users to game on Facebook while the remaining two tiers Level up creators and Partners have a list of demands before they enlist you within that circle.

The accessibility of joining the second or middle tier that is Level Up creators required creators to stream gaming content for at least four hours within two weeks on at least two different days. They should also have at least 100 followers and should have been active regularly for two weeks to enlist themselves within the circle of the second tier.

The middle or second tier that is Level up creators brings with itself benefits which the basic level did not have. They have the accessibility in selecting monetization tools including Stars which users can buy in packs and deploy in their live streams.

So if Level Up Creators was the middle tier and general gaming was the basic one, this means that Partners is the top tier status of Facebook gaming. But like Level Up the eligibility criteria for partners was not known. That means the company had not revealed what it took for a user to enlist himself in the highest category and benefit off its goods, but the company recently understood our curiosity and revealed what it took to enter into the top tier and gave the list of what were the requirements for Partners as well as how can you benefit off it.

Since Partners is a top tier for the Facebook Gaming, it gives members an exclusive badge and also provides them an early access to the new features before the rest of the lower tier creators, invites to exclusive events hosted by the company, personalized support, and all monetization tools, including Stars, Fan Subscriptions, in-stream ads, and the ability to share branded content.

But what is the criteria for a creator to enter into this category. While previously it did not reveal the eligibility criteria, it turns out the criteria is “engaged followers.” Those creators who get their likes, views and comments on their content regularly and also it can be based on monthly star revenues. According to the company in order to make it to the list and criteria of Partners the creators should at least have a following of 3000 as well as 200 thousand stars on the platform. This makes up to roughly 2000 dollars a month.

Facebook recently revealed that at least 2000 creators on this platform make up 1000 dollars per month and the creators have received a total amount of at least 50 million dollars’ worth of Stars in 2020.

However, according to the company the eligibility criteria may vary from region to region and some new tenants are being launched in Australia, Great Britain, Mexico, the Philippines, and the U.S initially. Those who are willing to apply for Partners and think they best fit the demanded criteria can check their eligibility status on the dashboard for streamers. If they are eligible according to the requirements a rocket icon will appear. After this the creators can submit an application directly from the Streamers Dashboard and a decision will be made by the company of whether they are accepted or not within six to eight weeks.

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