Facebook Taking Drastic Measures Against Group Members Who Break Rules

Facebook has always been cautious about what goes on its platforms and is always working towards making its community safe and healthy place for their members. In order to ensure that, the social media giant is taking drastic measures for people who break or violate the community standards set by the application in one way or the other. The punishments can vary from banning of like comments and sharing to temporarily disabling the account for a certain period of time but never were these measures taken on groups present on the app but things are changing now for that as well.

Facebook is trying to make group experiences for their users a positive one and therefore has introduced some new rules and regulations about punishments for people who violate the group and Facebook rules.

Group members who will break rules will face severe consequences which will range from what the violation is and to what extent. Initially group members will be banned from liking, commenting and sharing or posting in any group for a temporary amount of time which will depend on the severity of the violation and they will also not be able to invite new people on the group.

Furthermore, groups that have caused violations for a number of times now will come with a warning label. Any new member trying to join the group will be notified about the group breaking community standards and this may prevent them from joining which is an ultimate loss for the Facebook group. Invites on such groups will also be cut short and for those who were already part of the group before restrictions were imposed will receive the content from the group lesser than normal on their news feed.

If content ad moderators approve everything including content that violates the tech giant’s rules and regulations, there is a possibility of Facebook taking down the entire group. As a broader update, Facebook started removing civic and political groups earlier this year, as well as newly created groups, from recommendations in the US. It’s now making that the standard worldwide because Facebook has received a lot of hate and criticism for allowing groups promoting conspiracy theories and negative political reviews on its platform and therefore the company is taking measures to ensure no such thing exists on its platform now.

Things do look tough for groups moderators now as they will have to ensure and properly check everything that goes on their groups now and the people on the platform will also have to be cautious about things they post or comment on, one small wrong move can lead to a ban. However, such measures are important for making sure that the space created online is a safe place for everyone present.

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