To enhance the security of users, Twitter is planning to bring the update in which users’ accounts will be enabled with 2FA to use the multiple security keys as only authentication method

The privacy of the users has become paramount requirement because many cases have been reported in which the privacy of the users have been leaked and their accounts have been hacked. A large majority of Americans think that getting hacked is more dangerous than killing someone. To reduce the number of attacks on social media accounts, Twitter is considering the update in which the accounts of users will be enabled with two-factor authentication in which they can use the multiple security keys to login their accounts. With two-factor verification, if your mobile phone is lost or stolen by someone you don’t need to worry about because of two-factor verification in which you can take the security key or SMS codes as a backup.

Furthermore, users will have the option in the new update to add and use the security keys as their only authentication method, without turning on any other method. This will put an extra layer on the security so that the privacy of the users can be maintained. So when you try to login on Twitter, instead of putting the password, you will enter a code or security key which will be given to you. This extra layer of security will make sure that it is you and only you who is getting the access to the account.

There are other authentication apps like Google authenticator which are more secure than this security SMS code, but one of the key benefits of this security code is you don’t have to give your extra personal information like mobile number just like you do it on Facebook in order to login to your account. However, to maintain the security, Twitter has announced that it will give the users multiple security keys on a single account. Cyber security specialist Jake Moore said that Twitter is one step further in protecting the privacy of the users and this additional step which will give the confidence to the users and will build more trust of users on this platform. Twitter has also learnt from the allegations on Facebook about the data leakage so Twitter does not want to lose the trust of its users because it becomes very difficult for the platform to retain the users once their privacy has been leaked.

He further added that social media platforms are mostly slow in forcing their user base to put an extra layer of security, but with support they can make all accounts be protected from the attackers. However, there is no date specified by Twitter for rolling out the update of two-factor authentication.

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