TikTok is looking to provide more safety tools to advertisers in Australia, Canada and UK

TikTok is one of the most used apps in the world and has a large number of users worldwide. According to a report, it has around 700 million active users and will reach a billion at the end of this year besides being banned in some countries. However, the short-form video app is trying to build up its advertisement business just like Twitter and Facebook that are earning most of their income from selling advertisement. In the past few days, TikTok has changed its ads setting in which users will not be able to skip the ad running on their screens; however, the users will see the ads according to their interests. This shows that this app is giving full protocol to the brands because it wants to increase its advertisement business which would increase its revenue earning per year.

According to the latest report by TheDrum, TikTok now has decided to provide more assurance to the advertisers by providing an extra safety tool in more regions. This app will give an Open Slate’s ad placement guard to its partners of advertisement in the Australia, Canada and UK. It is already giving this protection in the US. TikTok announced its first-time Open Slate arrangements in October 2020. According to the statement of TikTok, the agreement with Open Slate will put an extra layer of safety on brands’ safety instrument in which brands will be able to filter the content on which they want to show their ads or even they don’t want to show their ads on certain types of content, in this way they can even avoid undesirable situations.

This agreement will empower the brands to track where their ads are running via a pre-campaign solution and post-campaign analysts. This could be an important step for the platform to grab more brands' marketing dollars because there were certain allegations on this app regarding the content shared on this app and in this way brands can pick up the quality content according to their requirements, this will also give a chance to those creators who make quality content. TikTok has been banned in India and Pakistan due to content moderation and failure to data protection of its users due to which many brands are hesitant to go all-in the ads of this platform, however, the partnership with an Open Slate will provide more security and will help the platform to bring more brands. TikTok has also introduced a safety advisory council in Asia pacific to give an oversight to content moderation that will help to gain the trust of users and more brands.

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