Apple's CEO revealed all about his routine, his work expectation from home and how the pandemic has affected every one of us

Tim Cook the CEO of Apple is found on multiple occasions to be giving away his wisdom to younger generation. Since the pandemic hit us back in 2020, the world has had a very different outlook. The global pandemic has hit us all so differently in so many ways that it won’t be easy to describe it in a few words. From students switching completely to online schooling, people working from homes and doing every single thing from house has had an impact on everyone and their mental health. Tim Cook in a recent interview with a weekly magazine People that specializes in celebrity news was seen talking about how the pandemic affected him and his work and how he absolutely can’t wait to start going to the office to work from there again. Along with this Mr. Cook was also seen sharing his hopes for the future.

Mr. Cook said that no matter how innovative someone is, the thoughts and plans can’t be executed just by staying and working from home all day, the importance of physical touch is so much that everything literally depends on it. You cannot really express your views fully from home and no matter how much you have maintained a small space for your work at home, if not present physically, then that can have a huge impact on not only your innovation but your collaboration as well and innovation is definitely not a planned activity, said by Mr. Cook.

While speaking about this, Mr. Cook did not miss on the opportunity to list down all the things that Apple was able to achieve in last year when the pandemic first hit us in mid-March. He told People that Apple launched a $100 million racial justice initiative and has guaranteed to be carbon neutral completely by 2030. Apple launched they 5G iPhone, introduced M1 chip in Mac and this Apple executed from its employees working from home and reinventing the way that they were working. In a rapid fire questions segment Mr. Cook revealed a little about his routine and his family. Mr. Cook cannot live without his coffee and iPhone and we guess that is the case scenario for majority of us right? He wake up at 4 am in the morning (while most of us are asleep) and even has a favorite emoji as well! Which is the peace emoji.

If the CEO of a multinational company is this excited to go back to work, we can only imagine how the employees must be feeling.

Photo: Bloomberg / Getty Images

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