Facebook demonstrates how users will be able to use its neutral wristbands with AR glasses that let you control a computer

A research lab within Facebook is working on augmented reality technologies that will allow us to interact with computers effortlessly. Facebook Reality Lab is focusing on a wristband that can catch your brain signals and use them to let your interact with an augmented reality system. This type of wristband will work with electromyography, which will be able to use the sensor to translate electrical motor nerve signals, which can be converted from wristbands to hands into digital commands. For instance, if you want to move your hand you can type it on the keyboard or you can push a button so that the wristband will get the signal of what you want to do with your hand, and then it will translate the data to let you interact with a virtual keyboard or through a button.

However, Facebook says that if you are thinking that it could read your mind about what’s going on, you might be wrong because it is just a machine and it will never know what are you thinking of. It will work in such a way when you have decided to take any action, it will decode what it’s going to be. What Facebook is trying to do with the neutral interface is to let you control the machine directly, but through the output of the peripheral system of the nerve. You know that the nerve outside the brain can animate the fingers and hands muscles. The director of Facebook Reality Labs (FRL) said that "I am working on something similar which I was shown in the Italian Institute of Technology a prototype of a system that allowed me to control a robotic arm by expanding and contracting the muscles of my hands, I could control the robot through my arms signals."

FRL also showed a video in its blog post where it was shown that how this technology might look in real life when it will be rolled out in the future, some part of this video will look like as it has come from a science fiction movie like women is using wristband to fire a virtual arrow from the virtual crossbow into a virtual target. These wristbands will be launched with simple controls in the beginning, like virtual clicking on a button because the company has not even launched its AR glasses yet, but they know how it works. You will be able to control the objects virtually and you will be able to interact with the virtual user interface. This could possibly change the way in which how people interact with computers.

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