Facebook announces a new AI that can automatically learn audio, textual, and visual representations from publicly available videos

In this fast-moving world, Facebook is a strong platform that continuously shows new features. Now, Facebook has taken its part in efforts in the development of machines that can learn like humans. Facebook has taken its initiative in a project called Learning from Videos.

This project uses artificial intelligence to understand, learn and master textual, audio and, video representations in a video that is available on Facebook. Facebook is a platform that contains videos from the entire world, hence learning from the videos from every country will strengthen the core of artificial intelligence. This will help AI to adapt to the fast-moving world and to adapt to different cultures, regions, languages and, other components from the videos posted on Facebook. According to Facebook, this AI learning from Videos is an extensive effort of constructing machines that can learn like humans. If the AI system can mimic learning and recognizing places, things, and other material just as humans do it will be very useful for this advanced world full of new technologies.

Learning from Videos has its advantages for Facebook as it helps Facebook to analyze user’s likes, dislikes, interests, preferences and, another type of content related to user’s preferences. It also helps in content recommendations and policy enforcement.

Learning from Videos is a difficult task for AI systems as it may have many complications in understanding speech and language due to different background noises in the videos, yet in its early stages, AI system has shown a positive attitude in learning different stuff from the videos. AI system already has control to increase the Instagram Reels recommendations according to the user’s preferences. It has also shown positive results in speech recognition which makes it easier for Facebook to detect hateful words in videos.

One more possible feature related to artificial intelligence is the usage of AR glasses that will allow to find out digital memories and will surface those memories. This is a work in progress and primarily Facebook is working to make its own augmented reality or AR glasses.

In all of this progress and working, Facebook has assured that the company is safeguarding the privacy of all the users present on the platform. It will maintain a strong privacy structure and enforce privacy policies in all of their work including the AI infrastructure.

Although, the project of Artificial Intelligence is in its early stages yet it has proved to be fruit-bearing and has provided positive results till now. Therefore, it can be assumed that this project will be beneficial for the upcoming fast-paced world based on technologies.

Photo: Reuters

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