According to an estimate of EcommerceDB, the following are the world’s largest online Marketplaces, that may not know

Well the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the trends a lot including the trends of shopping, as the usage of the internet during the quarantine situation has increased a lot and people have started giving preference to online shopping instead of physically going to stores for grocery and shopping. Online shopping no doubt saves your time and you get more discount, now these online stores have introduced a variety of features where you can even try certain cosmetics item online, like you can try lipsticks and glasses that whether it suits you which is absolutely interesting. Now if we think about the online marketplace, the names of Amazon and eBay may come to the mind of most Americans, Asian and Europeans because they mostly prefer these online stores, but you may be surprised to see that these are ranked at 3rd and 5th in largest marketplace in the world in terms of volume of merchandises.

The estimate of EcommerceDB is based on more than 20 thousand online stores all over the world. If we talk about the gross merchandise volume which is defined as the sum of sales made by a certain online store with the help of both first and third part seller across all brands area, Chinese Taobao and TMALL which are owned by famous ecommerce giant Alibaba are the world largest online stores, even they have crossed Amazon and eBay with a gross merchandise volume of 490 billion and 464 billion correspondingly in the year 2019. Amazon which many people considered as number 1 marketplace in the world, but this online store ranks at 3rd with an estimated gross merchandise volume of 397 billion. It is interesting to see the Chinese stores leading the online market places and it also shows that Chinese people are more interested in shopping online than other people of the world. Another Chinese online store comes at 4th number with an estimated gross merchandise volume of 301.9 billion, eBay is at 5th number with 75 billion GMV.

However, the GMV of eBay has decreased up to 8% since 2018. And Amazon is at first in growth rate with a 24% increase since the year 2018. The growth percentage of Taobao is increased up to 4% since 2018 and the growth percentage of TMALL is 17% compared to 2018. has also increased its percentage of GMV up to 19% since 2018.

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