Google Short Videos section have now included Facebook videos in search results

Google is a giant tech company that has millions of monthly active users from all over the world. When you try to search for something on the Google search, it not only shows your search in the form of a text but also tries to show you the videos related to your search. These videos are mostly included from the YouTube platform. So, it becomes easy for the users to understand anything they are trying to search. In the month of December 2020, Google launched a feature where it showed the videos from Instagram and TikTok as well in their own dedicated carousel, not just from YouTube. This move helps the company to keep the users stick to this platform in search of social entertainment videos. Because many people are spending more of their time on social media platforms rather than searching anything on Google especially during the COVID-19 pandemic where people want to see videos for entertainment videos.

Now Google has taken a step further as the search giant now shows the videos from Facebook as well, this is a good idea to retain the users in search. Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms where people post videos and pictures, so, Google is not just showing the videos from YouTube related to the search of users rather it is also showing videos from other social media platforms to keep the healthy competition in the market. Google had the allegations from some small tech companies that it is not supporting a perfect competition in the market because it is preinstalling YouTube on Android devices.

The short videos carousel is a bit different from Google’s stories which were first launched in the month of October 2020 to the Google search app for iOS and Android. The short videos carousel has now become the focus of users on Google search where different videos are aggregated from social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and now from Facebook as well. Basil when searched on Google found the short videos from Facebook so he shared the screenshot of these videos on Twitter. Google had to include the Facebook videos in the short videos carousel because it is already showing the videos from Instagram which is owned by Facebook. The short video carousel on Google includes entertainment videos, health, education, and many other topics so you can enjoy videos from one more platform.

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