Twitter Tests a Much Requested “Edit Button” For Tweets

All big developers every now and then bring some changes and new features in their applications in order to make the space more interesting for their users to stick around, gain new users as well as make the space a user friendly environment and just like all other applications, Twitter has been introducing quite a lot of new features recently.

Twitter recently spotted testing a feature which will allow you to undo a Tweet before it is posted. Previously all your Tweets were immediately posted once you had hit the post button but this new feature will not do the same.

The feature when goes live will give you a few seconds timer after you have tapped on the post button for the Tweet to get posted. The timer when started working will show you the undo button the basic purpose of which will be to help you undo the posting action and take you back to edit your Tweet.

Twitter users had asked for an edit button for the longest time because sometimes people realize their mistakes a few seconds after posting their Tweet and previously they would have to delete the entire Tweet off and then write it again which can be a little annoying and this new feature is the next best thing to an edit button. The feature will show you your Tweet with a timer going off and you can re check it whether or not you find anything wrong with it, and if you do then you can immediately tap on the undo button and edit your Tweet to post again.

But like every other feature a company introduces and tests there are mixed reviews about this as well. Some people are over the moon that they get their desired edit button while some think it is the same as deleting off a post and re doing it again which in our opinion is not true at all. Nobody likes typing the same thing over again, but Twitter is one of the world’s most used applications with over millions of people using it worldwide and obviously not everyone can like the same thing. What we do see is that Twitter is making its way towards forming a more secure and user friendly space on their applications and are constantly bringing forward new features like Twitter Spaces, Birdwatch and now this Edit button all of which will be very beneficial for the users and it is great to see such a huge Tech Giant working towards making their users happy.

Screenhot: Jane Manchun Wong

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