Will Users Ever Get Audio Search From Google?

Pretty much the only way in which you can ever end up creating some kind of a situation wherein you would ever get the chance to conduct any kind of a Google search would involve typing words onto a keyword. Google has been emphasizing voice recognition and other voice based technology quite heavily as of late, so a lot of speculation has arisen about whether or not voice searches could ever be compatible with the search engine that forms the core of Google’s business model.

Recent updates from Google have indicated that voice search is quite likely something that the company is currently working on, but many are claiming that voice search would simply be too difficult a feature to offer for a lot of different reasons. For one thing, the manner in which text based search works is that Google compiles a list of keywords and then uses algorithms that can detect keywords from sentences and find search results based on that sort of thing.

Doing something similar for audio based searches will be a very tall order. Building a database that can contain the right number of audio clips won’t just be time consuming, it would also be prone to error. Google is partnering up with KQED, and by using the services of AI provider KUNGFU.AI, Google appears to be trying to create a system that would be automated as well as free of all kinds of unnecessary errors.

Voice based searches seem like the kind of thing that should inevitably end up becoming commonplace in the near future, so it is important that Google work on this sort of search feature. It is the next step for search engines and the like and will help make these services a great deal more intuitive to use along with making them more user friendly as well.

One hurdle that Google will face on this journey would involve proper nouns, since voice detection does often face quite a bit of difficulty with this sort of thing. A really great aspect of this research that Google is conducting has to do with the fact that the tech giant is not going to keep it as a closely guarded secret. Rather, the company would make the technology accessible for everyone which is an important part of preventing any monopolies from forming that would restrict progress at any point in the future.

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