Survey Reveals 6 in 10 Consumers Rely On User-Generated Content For Purchase Decisions

There is a new report out there that is ranking user-generated content very highly as according to it, photos taken by other customers now play a major role in influencing the potential customers to take buy the product.

As stated in the eMarketer report, 62% of consumers have admitted that in order to check out the real quality of the product and authenticity of the brand, they do like to see the photos or videos taken by the customer.

The results have been concluded after taking opinions from shoppers belonging to the US, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, and the UK.

When similar users were asked about why they go for customer-generated content about the product more, the outcome was something like this.
  • It can help in letting us know about something which wasn’t very obvious in the ads (24 percent)
  • We do like to see the product in action before making the purchase (21 percent)
  • Our confidence in the product rises after knowing that the reviews are authentic (17 percent)
  • To check the real quality of the product (17 percent)
  • To check the size/fit or color of a product (11 percent)
  • To see the material of a product (7 percent)
This trend is much more effective on Facebook as the survey found out that 26.4% of respondents said that it is easier to make purchases through Facebook since they get to see the real photos of things taken by consumers.

But with that being said, the content that users upload on Instagram and YouTube is also very effective at influencing people.

Surprisingly, some people spoke in favor of user-generated content on Pinterest, TikTok, and Snapchat as well. But Twitter came last.

This whole phenomenon now gives birth to a new marketing trend which Jeremy Goldman, eMarketer Principal Analyst has stated brilliantly states in the report. He believes that as consumers are finally giving up on the idea of trusting the mainstream ads, it is about time that brands should also shift towards user-generated content which is not only “cheap, easy, and quick” to create but also offers the much-needed trust factor which consumers look for in the online world all the time.

This strategy of user-generated content can also be applied on the shopping websites where customers should be able to leave reviews in the form of uploading pictures.

Google’s John Mueller also supports the idea as it can not only increase the sales but the user-generated content can also turn out to be great for your website’s SEO as it is going to be considered as the valuable content on a web page when it comes to the matter of search rankings. So more photos mean more signals to a page and better improvement in the rankings of image search.

There is one thing that you will have to take care of in user-generated content on the website and that is if you are going to allow customers to add links in their reviews, Google wants you to make sure that you use the Rel UGC tag.

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