An Old Version Of “Automatic Call Recorder” iOS App Put Apple Users Data At Risk

With more than 1 million downloads on the Apple app store, the iOS application “Automatic Call Recorder” is, just like the name says, used for recording incoming and outgoing calls. Automatic Call recorder is also listed in the top 20 applications in more than 20 countries, has been detected with a bug in the app through which any third party can gain access to information and call recording just by their numbers. The bug was found by the Security researcher Anand Prakash, who also happens to be the founder of PingSafe AI which detects breaches in the applications.

This app can track and record calls without an internet connection and can alter the voices of recordings, upload them to Dropbox, Google Drive, or One Drive well as can transcribe in up to 50 languages. All the user data gets stored in the company’s cloud storage on Amazon web services. This cloud storage has almost one thirty thousand audio recordings that makeup almost 300 GB (gigabytes)

Security situations like this are disastrous. Along with impacting customer’s privacy, these problems also weaken the company’s image and provide an added advantage to the competitors, said by Anand Prakash.

“This wasn’t just a violation of data privacy but also affected the users physically and at cyber risk, if their recorded conversations carry sensitive personal information. App makers that go wrong in investing in their cyber security must accept that the fines they could face for non-compliance with data privacy laws are extremely expensive – not to mention the cost of losing their customers’ trust.”

The bug was detected by Anand Prakash on the 27th of last month when he able to modify the internet traffic and replace the registered phone number with another person’s number using a proxy site called burp suite, which gave him access to that individual’s call records and details. Luckily the bug was fixed by Saturday, March 6th, and the glitch-free version was launched in the Apple App Store.

The call recorder users are advised to uninstall the previous version and download the most recent version that is 2.26 or newer which is available on the Apple App Store. The paid version is $6.99 for 7 days; also they give a three-day trial period. Their most common monthly subscription costs $14.99 for a month, with a 12 months advance, and has a few other options as well.

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