Twitch Scores Users Through “Brand Safety Score”

Twitch is an online streaming platform about which a news recently came in. Daylam Tayari who is a cyber-security researcher found some evidence in the sites internal API about its plan to implement something called “Brand Safety Score.”

The Brand Safety Score will be based on a few factors of user’s activity on the application that are the streamer’s age, a rating given by Twitch staff, their ban history, the relationship the streamer has with Twitch, their auto mod settings, their partnership status, the ESRB rating of the game being played, and whether the stream is set to mature.

The score will grade how brand friendly every user is based on their chat behaviors, online and ban history, manual ratings by Twitch staff, games played, age, automod and more and this score will be sent to brands, advertisers for ads and sponsors and at times for bounty purposes.

The basic purpose of the score is to understand user preference and depending on that preference link up users with a specific brands and brands with the users so that both users and brands can benefit from it.

When Tayari found this out, he was concerned about the changes that will take place, will the ways brands interact with users change and will the user privacy be maintained? And in order to seek answers for himself and the rest of the public, the cyber security researcher reached out to Twitch himself on his Twitter account. Right now, one of the main ways that marketers work with streamers on Twitch is through the site’s bounty board. They select partners and affiliates in the US, UK, Germany, and France and can choose from a list of paid opportunities to either play games or watch branded videos with their communities for automatic payouts. It is a pretty smooth system to streamline and automate the process of working with a brand and getting paid for it.

Twitch saw Tayari’s tweet and in his response gave all his answers. The company said no such thing has been launched as of yet and they are still testing and thinking about it and when it comes to user privacy the company ensures the general public that no information of their users will be taken and there will not be a breach in privacy. However, the company is still exploring ways to find the correct method to link up brands with the perfect audience and vice versa.

Photo: Elijah Nouvelage / Reuters

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