Apple Says Its Workers Spotted 1 Million Counterfeit Products In 2020 On Different Online Marketplaces

We all know there a whole lot of fake and bogus pages and businesses out there on social media websites and all over the internet. But here Apple is taking strict action against the people who sell fake apple branded accessories on Facebook as well as Instagram. Like Chinese copies of iPhone batteries, air pods, lightning cables, power adapters, and many more things. These things can be very harmful if anything goes wrong like the charger can explode or the air pods can damage the ear or other such things.

These businesses are running effectively throughout Europe and America and making hundreds of millions of dollars annually. Even though this violates the company’s law but Facebook does not or cannot ban these kinds of businesses.

“Our research is based on highlighting the difficulties Instagram is going through, to properly address its long-standing fake market products and also to highlight the many dangers of such illicit business for Apple and consumers alike”, explained GhostData team.

Facebook is also accused of failing to properly invest and protect the rights of American businesses and citizens around the world who use its platform.

According to the study, a total of 163 wholesalers with the fake business accounts on Instagram uploaded a total of 50,000 sales posts in the previous year, which were able to gather about 600,000 likes and comments.

Not many people can spot the difference between a fake account and an original product page. The report also includes bills posted by owners of the fake businesses, including one seller who grossed $140,000 in a single day of online sales through his HSBC personal banking account.

Apart from these, the counterfeit products on other e-commerce websites around the globe are also being targeted and removed, which sells unauthorized and counterfeited products.

One of the spokesperson at Apple told Bloomberg that the safety of the customers is their first priority, and the risks related to fake and counterfeited products can be a very serious issue.

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