Apple Alerts Users If They Are Being Tracked with The New Feature in iOS 14.5

Apple has always been concerned about the safety and privacy of its users. Previously it had alerted all the developers on App Store to make sure that their applications ask the user consent before obtaining and sharing their data because they believe that applications taking data of users and sharing it with other applications for the purpose of targeted advertisements is a breach in user privacy.

After this, Apple is now introducing a new feature in their device OS. As spotted by 9to5Mac, the new feature is called “Items Safety Alerts” and helps users find out if someone is tracking them without them knowing.

The world can be a very unsafe place and sometimes traveling alone can be very dangerous. Therefore, Apple is concerned about the safety of its users and introduced this feature to help people detect any unknown following. With the help of the application in iOS devices called Find My app and Apple's rumored AirTags trackers, the new feature Item Safety Alerts would notify users if an unknown item was found to be moving with them.

But what is this unknown items?

Well, unknown items here as called out by Apple means AirTags that are not known by the users Apple ID. This could mean some bad part or someone has tossed an unknown tracker or AirTag in the automobile you are going in to track your locations and as soon as this new feature will detect that an unknown AirTag is moving with you it will immediately alert you so that you can be cautious of your surrounding and seek for safety.

But we can’t see this feature in our Apple devices, you must be thinking? Well, this feature will come along with the new update 14.5 and onwards and if you are not upgraded on that update it will not be accessible to you. Apart from this the company gives you full control over whether or not you want the feature to track you. In case you share your AirTags with another family member or you simply do not want it to alert you, you can turn off the option of receiving alert notifications in the settings. In that case though Apple will want you that it will not be able to alert you even if something is tracking or following you.

It is great to see such a huge Tech Giant like Apple being so concerned about the safety and privacy of their customers. First the Tracking Transparency Feature and now this says a lot about how Apple is slowly working towards making their products and applications a safer place for their community and we cannot wait to see what else it has to offer in the future.

Photo: 9to5Mac.
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