TikTok Remains On The Top Of Most Downloaded Non-Gaming Apps Of February 2021

Despite facing immense criticism, backlash, and ban in various countries, TikTok has managed to leave behind Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram as well as YouTube in the most downloaded and most used application categories around the globe, yielding a total of $110 million revenue in 2021 that is almost the double from last February’s total revenue generated (well, that’s a lot of influence), China being the significant participant with 79 percent, the United States coming behind at 8 percent and turkey with 3 percent of the total yield.

In February 2021 a whopping 56 million people downloaded the TikTok application, on the Google play store and the Apple app store. Throughout the year 2020 YouTube, the video-sharing application, and zoom, the video conferencing applications were behind TikTok.

Talk about downloading, after TikTok the 3 spots were taken by Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook, in the month of February with more than 45 million people installing. Lead by India with 27 percent of total downloads and the United States at 8 percent share. Next was Facebook’s Instagram as well as Facebook’s WhatsApp coming down to fifth position overall, which was on the third spot in December 2020 respectively.

And how can we forget Telegram’s overnight success, which helped it to reach the top 5 non-gaming applications most downloaded in February 2021, Surging from 9th place in December 2020 to topmost in January 2021. Gaining most users from India which is 24 percent of the total 63 million downloads and Indonesia second in lead with 10 percent downloads. Telegram took the 5th point in the Apple play store as well, according to a report from app intelligence firm Sensor Tower.

Apart from Telegram, Signal also observed tremendous escalation in downloads, getting support from CEO Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk. After the WhatsApp’s huge privacy policy updating controversy with millions of users downloading signal and telegram instantly.

Apart from TikTok, YouTube had a 23 percent growth rate aside from $82 million revenue generated in the month of February 2021, pandemic being the main reason. The United States is the major contributor of revenue with 51 percent, Japan with 12 percent.

The application war will continue since all the above-mentioned apps are bringing in more and more advanced updates which will include shopping and purchasing online via the app and much more. Take a look at this chart that highlights top apps worldwide for February 2021 by downloads.

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