Microsoft has introduced new features and some massive improvements in its search engine that could make people think to migrate from Google to Bing

Google is the number 1 search engine all over the world where it has millions of active users searching for something on this platform. It could be very difficult for its rivals to beat this platform which has been the most used platform for many years, however, Microsoft company is putting a lot of efforts to dominate the search industry and to grab most of the traffic but it is not easy yet. Microsoft is continuously making some improvements in its search engine named Bing which is also known to many people. Microsoft search engine Bing helps the users to find quickly all work-related information including people, files, general knowledge, internal sites, and many more.

Microsoft is also making an extension available for the Google Chrome web browser to keep people on this platform. Microsoft Bing could have become the biggest competitor of Google after the new updated features from which you can find the fastest and most important information for specific keywords in a matter of seconds in just a single view on the search results which could save much time of many users who are looking for the key information.

Microsoft Bing has given an example of its updated search engine and how it has improved. When the user searches for a recipe in the search bar it put all the data that matters on its searched results like calories per serving and the reviews of users about such a recipe. The expanded view will show more information such as ingredient lists and possible substitutions. If any video is matches well with related search, it will also be shown. So you don’t have to bounce from one page to the other to find the key information related to your search.

Bing search is also including a dedicated button that will let you search visually similar pictures something that is just available on Google.
Further, Bing will provide you better infographic viewing experience. These new features are going live to make you search better and faster than ever before and you can find the most important information at the top of the list that could stop your wastage of time.

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