Android users can now preview a page in Google Chrome before opening it

The most recent big Chrome update added a grid style for tabs as well as the option to organize them. This means that to go through the highlights of the page, there will be no need to scroll down the whole page. Chrome’s latest update allows the reader on Android to preview the page before opening it completely.

Now the preview page option has been added which makes it easier to know about the page without going through it till the end. This option is added next to the context menu that usually pops up when the link to any page is long pressed. When a user searched something on Chrome and keep the link pressed, a collection of option appear which includes opening an incognito tab, copy link address, download link, etc. in between copy link address and open in an incognito tab, the option of preview page exists.

When the preview option has opted, a screen will open smaller than the home screen and cannot be extended. That page will cover all the major highlights that will be present on that page. The website icon, page name, and domain are all shown in the top bar. Another tap option will be there to open the preview page in a new tab. To get out of the preview page, simply slide it down or tap on the close button.

On Chrome, tabs are being opened in groups that is also the updated version. Since nowadays, tabs are opened in a different manner, considering that this feature is extremely useful for users. When selecting the useful pages and grouping them together, the preview page option helps to decide if a particular page is worth the topic searched. It makes all the grouped pages organized incredibly.

This evening, the browser update will bring the latest preview tab feature to Chrome 89 for Androids. Chrome has been working to roll out this feature for 2 years and finally it is time for this feature to make browsing much easier.

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