Apple Launched a New Webpage That Lists All the Data Collected by Its Own Apps

Apple has launched a policy requirement for all the application developers on its App Store. According to the new Apple policy, all developing companies present on App Store will have to now seek permission to collect and use data of the users. Previously, all companies would use user data and share it around without the user consent but now Apple has issued this policy that requires companies to enlist all the data it will take from iOS user and ask for permission before they can share the data round. Only if the users grant the permission will they be allowed to use the data of the iOS user. The policy will go live with the launch of iOS 14.5 and already downloaded application, when first opened after the update will ask for permission while new downloads will seek permission when being installed.

But the question arises, that if all the applications present on the App Store will have to seek permission what about all those applications already pre-installed on the Apple devices?

Well, Apple is transparent to when it comes to their user privacy and taking the App Data Transparency step ahead Apple has launched a new section in its privacy website in which it has launched a searchable data base for its own applications. The “Label” section will contain information about all the data company acquires from you of each pre-installed app and according to the company the labels are designed to help you understand how the applications handle your data.

While this is not a new feature in Apple as the company already provided users the accessibility to view the privacy labels of all the Apple apps in each of its support page, the only change now is that all the labels have now been put in one place for the ease of the users.

The privacy labels are available for applications on the privacy website on all devices all across iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS and iPadOS. The company has also put in label for developing tools like Xcode and the App Store itself which enlist what information a certain application will be collecting from you.

However, the company ensures that none of the privacy labels of Apple acquired applications will have data that will be used to track you. The other applications present on the App Store will take your permission before tracking you as well.

It is great to see companies like Apple being so concerned about the privacy of their users and taking steps towards ensuring that their privacy is maintained.

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