Twitter has introduced a new option to turn off the reaction of fleets via DM which used to annoy many people on the platform

Fleets are only posted and visible to mobile apps of Twitter and it is not finalized when it will be released for the desktop version. It can be sent in the form of text, photos, and in videos. Interestingly, you can post your reaction on fleet and can customize with a variety of background colors and options of text. However, it is not a major part of this platform but now people are getting curious about this feature and it gets a mixed reaction from the people that some people like it and some don’t, but it has a feature or sending replies and reactions in the form of a DM which disturb many people.

The Fleet was rolled out in the month of November 2020; it is actually a way to post content on Twitter which will automatically be vanished from the platform after 24 hours, but the problem with the fleet is that which annoyed many people is that when someone reacts to your fleet or replies to it, it goes to your DM just like Instagram, but this platform is a bit more open to the public, so it feels a bit more disturbing to many users. You might not want replies of those people in your DM who you don’t even know or you don’t talk so you get more notifications of your DM. But now, Twitter has added a new option through which you can now turn off the DM notifications.

This option is so far available for Android devices yet but hopefully, this will be introduced to iOS users soon. If you want to turn the DM of fleet you can tap the arrow button next to the fleet and switch off the DM for fleet option, so now you can relax that you don’t have to see many notifications at the same time. It is still, not a big change but it can save people from getting annoyed that many random people are sending you emojis via DM which you don’t want to see especially when you are sitting at a place where you don’t want to be disturbed by the notifications.

Now you can enjoy the stories (the second name of Fleet) just like other social media stories where people send you reactions on your stories as it gives feedback so many people are also attracted to this option.

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