Android 12 Is Experimenting With an iOS-Inspired Privacy Feature To Let You Know Which App is Using Your Phone's Camera, Microphone and Location

In today’s world, privacy is such a main concern for everybody and people always opt for devices and software’s promising them the most privacy and therefore all tech companies are now making it their main concern to provide the best privacy features to their users.

iOS in their previous update of version 14 provided users with a feature that lets them know if a certain app in their phone is recording or tracking them using their camera, microphone or location and if a certain app is a dot of green or orange color (depending on the application) starts to appear on the top right corner of your screens.

Android was impressed by this feature and thought about introducing a similar kind on its own software and a news circulated that the upcoming Android 12 will be having a similar feature, but it was just what we heard but now we are seeing live evidences of it. A developer (@kdrag0n) was able to go deep under the software and enabled the redesigned indicators and it was revealed that the feature was similar to iOS 14 version but better?

If an application is using your camera, microphone or location (the last one not enabled yet) a new green pill will appear on the status bar next to the battery percentage and network. Tapping on the green pill or dot will give you better visibility and provide you the information of which application is using your camera or microphone. While the developer did now show that how these indicators will look like when the notification panel is shut a report last month did shed some light on it and it was revealed that when an app starts using the camera, microphone, or location, we might see an expanded pill at first, which will then shrink to a colored dot right next to the status indicators for battery and networks.

However, this feature is under testing phase right now and looking at the past there have been times where the testing features did not completely make it to the final version and any change can be expected when the final version is released. There have been times when the entire feature under testing was never launched but this case scenario looks rather impossible for this new Android feature considering Apple has already launched such a feature in its iOS 14 version. But what is that will make this feature on Android better than it did on Apple.

Well, while in Apple you have to head over settings to see further information about what is going on, Google’s implementation is rather easier comparatively.

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