The PC Industries Benefit Because of the Pandemic and The Monitor Sale Splurges

The pandemic along with it brought a vast life style changes. The deadly virus in the air made the entire world confided within the four walls of their houses and almost everything was closed down including schools, educational places and offices.

With everything closed down, the entire world population moved to online schooling as a means to study so that no harm was done to the children’s education while officer workers started working from home. What initially people thought will be a few weeks of staying home turned into an entire year of confinement as the Pandemic increased greatly throughout the world.

The change in life style and work style boosted the demands of the PCs and revived the dying down PC market. People in a few months of the Pandemic realized that this lock down will be here a little longer than they anticipated and while they were okay with working and studying on their older Pcs and laptops while some families even sharing one PC or laptop for all their work they soon realized that it is about time they buy new and proper PC equipment’s as well as upgrade their work and study space.

According to the IDC, the new work and study situation along with the craze for intense gaming and getting the time to do that during lockdown has made the PC market grow the most since the market researchers began tracking this industry in 2008. Last year, the fourth quarter of 2020, has been the bestselling duration for the PCs in the market, with the annual sale going up to 136.6 million even more than its 2019 sale which was 126.1 million.

An estimated of 26.4 million were shipped since Pandemic and it was not just that people were buying PCs and laptops for the sake of working or studying but majority of them were company conscious too and some PC and laptop companies did better than the others. The top 5 companies in the market were observed to be Dell, TPV, HP, Lenovo and Samsung with Dell taking the lead followed by the rest in orderly manner.

The pandemic has changed a lot of ways of living and it has made people buy a lot of things that they either were delaying or did not think were of much importance in their lives and as much as we all have suffered there are some industries that have benefited because of it. We just home this deadly virus goes away and the pandemic ends soon and we get back to our old but better way of living.

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