Tech is changing dramatically fast, almost a third of the consumers feel that they can’t keep up with the speed of technology

We must have to agree with the fact that technology is changing very fast; especially the recent decade has seen a dramatic change in the pace of technology, even though various gaps carried on with the technological change in terms of adoption in different parts of the world, especially in underdeveloped countries. People should understand how the speed of the technology will never get slowed down than it is now, a recent survey in 17 markets showed that how many consumers feel that they can’t keep up with the pace of technology and have left behind.

According to YouGov, almost a third of consumers believe that they can’t keep up with the speed of technology because you need a bit of time to learn how to use the latest technology and you cannot spend a whole life learning every part of the technology. However, a quarter thinks that it is not true rather they can go with the same speed as technology is changing and they can learn the changing and get easily used to it. Mexico according to research is at the top of the list in which around 45% of the youngsters think that they can’t keep up with the speed of technology. India is at second number with around 44% of adults thinks the same and United Arab Emirates is at third number with 43%. France, Italy, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong are also in the list of top ten with the percentage of 42%, 40%, 39%, 38%, 36%, however, Spain and Poland have the same percentage of 35%. This is an alarming situation where almost half of the consumers can go with the same speed of technology. The UK and the US come at last where their adults think the same.

From all these countries, almost 27% of people who disagree with the situation think that they can go as fast as the pace of consumer technology. However, Poland is at the top of the list in which disagree with this situation, Germany, UK, and the US come at second, third, and fourth. As consumers good are getting smart so the marketers must keep in mind these abilities so to reduce these and recent research made by the Colombia Business School particularly among autonomous shopping tools suggested the marketers depict autonomous technology as human-focused so that they can adjust with the pace of technology.

35% of youngsters at the age of 18 to 34 think that they have left behind by the speed of technology, however, 26% to 27% people don’t agree to this. What interesting are 35 to 54 years people are less likely to think that they have been left behind from this pace of consumer technology with a percentage of 27% to 29%.

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