Facebook has a plan to bring 50 million people from all over the world one step closer to get the COVID-19 vaccine to save their lives

The social media platform has played a vital role in the awareness of coronavirus and its symptoms, because now in the world of technology people spend most of their time on social media rather watching television news. Now during the quarantine time, people especially youngsters spent most of their time on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. So, there were millions of cases and accounts reported which were spreading fake information about the COVID-19 vaccine. Facebook has done a major part in preventing misleading information about this vaccine. Further, Facebook has given around 2 billion people authoritative information about coronavirus.

Mark Zuckerberg said that our work has not been done yet, we are still planning to bring 50 million people closer to receive the COVID-19 vaccine because many people especially in remote areas people are unaware of this vaccine. Now, it has become the first priority of every country to provide vaccinations to all adults and youngsters who have reported positive, Facebook is now working on a tool to make it easier to bring access to vaccinations. Facebook has collaborated with Boston Children Hospital on a tool that will help the users of the US to learn the places where they can get vaccinated. This can help to reduce the coronavirus cases to a great extent because people are now getting fed up with lockdown situations where they cannot go outside freely.

Locations will be provided by VaccineFinder, it will further provide the details about contact information so that you can make the appointment before going there and you can get the information about their operation hours so that you can get on time. You can access this tool through the Coronavirus information center of Facebook and you can get all these details in more than 71 languages, Facebook is further trying to expand it to other countries as well as the availability of the vaccinations grow.

The Coronavirus information center is now also being released on Instagram after being introduced on Facebook this month, to help the users of Instagram to get information from local health organizations and world health organization because it is the right of every single person to get vaccinated and Facebook wants to end this pandemic as soon as possible so that people can come to their normal life.

Reliable and authentic information based on experts is available at the Coronavirus information center including tips to prevent this disease in Chile, France, India, Germany, and the UK. Facebook has planned to provide more information with the passage of time after getting the information of reported cases in the areas so that Facebook can understand which region has more need to get vaccinated where there are more cases. Facebook will provide the stickers directly connected to the information center. Facebook is still working with many health organizations and government to get people vaccinated and it has also removed more than 2 million contents that were spreading fake news about the coronavirus vaccine. Facebook will add labels to all posts mostly about the COVID-19 vaccine in which it will be pointing people to the information center where they can get the authentic information.

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