Facebook's Giphy Moves Into Freelancer Territory With New Hire Me Option For Animators and Graphic Designers

It’s pretty obvious that in this modern day and age more and more people are moving towards looking into a system of working that would not require them to go to an office. Freelancing is now a really popular way of earning money because of the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially end up allowing you to earn a much higher income than might have been the case otherwise whilst not having to work quite as much as you would have been required if you had an office job or the like.

A lot of platforms have opened up that are ostensibly trying to connect freelancers with people that might just want to hire them, and this has turned into a pretty huge industry in and of itself. This has become so true that even companies like Giphy are starting to throw their hat in. Giphy is a platform that allows artists to post images, memes and GIFs that they have created, as well as share those created by others.

It has always been a mainstay of the internet, but now these artists, animators and graphic designers can start to cash in on these skills. If you are a verified artist on the platform, you would now be able to add a “hire me” button to your profile. This would allow brands and companies that want to work with you to hire you directly rather than any unnecessary communication having to occur. Artists need as many avenues as possible to find work that they can end up doing, and the fact that Giphy is helping this happen is really great news for a lot of artists that are out there, many of whom might have been struggling to find work due to the pandemic that is still raging all around the world.

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