Facebook soon to add Instagram reels in WhatsApp

Facebook is attempting to merge all three of its main networks in order to have a more seamless experience. Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp are among them. Instagram and WhatsApp used to have their own separate identity before. After Facebook has owned them, the features became quite common among each other. Despite the fact that all of these have a few common features, they are linked to each other by Facebook in some forms. After introducing the story feature in both the apps, now Facebook is deciding to add Instagram reels on WhatsApp too.

According to an app researcher, WhatsApp might include Instagram Reels in a future update. Given that, these social media platforms are owned by Facebook. Facebook is working to merge them all for a better user experience. This allows users to effortlessly move among WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram.

People prefer to contact different friends on separate sites. Usually, on all three platforms, friend circles are not common, therefore, exchanging mutual information will be helpful for both users and the business. Room is a substitute for Zoom on Facebook and through this app, Facebook attempted to connect all the three major sites. Rooms is basically a feature similar to Zoom developed by Facebook and available for Instagram and Facebook users. It allows outsiders to enter the Room if given an invitation.

According to WABetaInfo, Facebook is finding a way to create a connection between Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. This will allow users to share and play Instagram reels in WhatsApp potentially increasing user interaction. Since WhatsApp is just a messaging app, this update will help to increase communication among users. Just like uploading statuses increases user engagement on WhatsApp, incorporating Instagram reels will get even more exposure.

There might be a possibility that Instagram reels can be monetized with ads just like Instagram stories. If this could happen, then sharing Instagram reels on WhatsApp will increase Facebook’s revenue while also accomplishing advertisements on WhatsApp. No user privacy will be invaded while monetizing reels on WhatsApp. Other than that, WABetaInfo confirmed that soon multiple devices will be accessible on WhatsApp.

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