YouTube is trying to lure TikTok creators by offering a button that allows them to quickly make short videos

Since many countries have started imposing restrictions on the very famous Chinese video-making app TikTok, its rival social media companies are trying to attract users by imitating the features of this app. Recently, YouTube seemed to take the role of TikTok, as the company tested a new feature in India, that will allow users to make a 15-minute multi-purpose video on their mobile. YouTube isn’t the first to introduce TikTok clones to its app, rather Instagram also released Reels to its app.

Android Police noted that while the new feature will be under experiment, the users will see a new option/icon that says “Create”, that for now only will be available for mobile app users. The process for making the video will be the same as that of TikTok; users will have to hold the button after tapping it and then tap again or release the button after making a video, to stop recording. The maximum length possible for a video is 15 seconds. Users can make several different videos of 15 seconds, which will be combined in a single video by YouTube. However, due to the new update, the users who want to make a video of a longer time than 15 seconds, now have to first record it on their mobile and then upload it on YouTube from their mobile’s gallery.

The update is currently available to Indian users only. According to the reports, the option is available under select music videos which let users make shorts without having to leave the current screen. Additionally, the users can also import and upload 15-second videos from the gallery of their mobile.

YouTube has been doing it for years: introducing mimicked features of that of its rivals to its app. If we remember, the company introduced a clone of Instagram stories to its app in 2017 and said that it was specially designed to allow users to make and share more casual videos. However, there are high chances that this update might not be able to entertain many TikTok users, as YouTube is something about vlogs from the users' personal life, and unlike YouTube, TikTok includes choreographed and rehearsed content. Thus, both the apps demand different toolset and workflow.

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