Facebook is all set to launch an exciting new app called ‘Super’ which will feature influencers giving video messages and shout outs!

This year has been all about new changes and updates between apps! Almost every other week we’ve gotten the news of some other app rolling out its biggest update ever and it has of course made the overall experience for the users exciting with all means! From Twitter, to TikTok and of course Instagram, literally every popular app out there has showcased its multiple talents and content.

If every other popular app has done one thing or another, how can we forget the tech giant company Facebook who started it all? It was reported in December of last year by Bloomberg, a private media company from New York that Facebook is soon to launch a new app, the news is now finally live as Facebook has officially announced that it is soon to launch an app called ‘Super’! Like the name suggests, Facebook’s New Product Experimentation team announced this news and said that it is running tests for this new app. What is the app Super all about? Well this app will be similar to Cameo, which is a video-sharing website developed from America. Through the app people can pay money to get celebrity shout outs in between video chats. The app also allows you to have a one on one session with your favorite celebrities! The new app will include a full schedule of live stream events for which to attend the users will have to sign up and then they will be displayed with the countdown for that actual live video stream, but past video live streams will also be available for the users to view later on!

Even though this app is developed by Facebook itself but signing in through Facebook will not be an option. The testing at the moment just consist of short videos and it basically gives you a small demo of how the overall app will look when it comes on working soon. Of course later on many celebrities are to join this platform to interact with their fans with also providing with video messages.

For the recent on-going testing the signing up will be for free but the app will be paying the celebrities which makes this app to be another way to earn more money.

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