YouTube has decided to focus on its sports page to promote live games streaming, through which sportsman can earn money by posting their content on it

YouTube is a platform in which people share different types of content in the form of a video, which includes educational, entertainment, science, and sports videos. Now among all the videos, YouTube has now decided to reshape its sports page, it will help many people who are interested in sports. This is not just good for the content creator but, it is also good for the viewer. Many people will be able to watch live streaming of sports on YouTube. Soccer is the most famous game all over the world. People will now be able to watch the live streaming of football.

Everybody knows that sports is the part of well-being and learning, so it cannot be neglected at all, YouTube will give data about sports games, athlete’s earnings, live streaming, how sportsmen practice, etc. such kind of information, which the sports lover want to see. In the young generation, many people want to become sportsmen, who can now take the benefit of this page. Not only this, they can creator the sports content and post it on the page, they can also make it their career and earn money.

It is also good news for the sports lovers and fans who had to go to linear TV for the big games before this. Sports fans also want to see the off-air content from different sources, YouTube will post stories about sports on these pages. By redesigning this page, YouTube can bring more audience to its platform. You can see the highlights and pages detail through

In addition to the top stories, YouTube will make different sections for live contest, and the content from the athletes. YouTube has launched its new look on the web and on mobiles and desktop, but Tv viewers can see this page later. Ad buyers can also take the benefit through the selected program of YouTube in connected TVs. However, this slot will open in Australia, Canada, India, and Japan this year.

According to a report, YouTube is ranked at the number in sports content, only in the US people have spent 65% more time watching sports video on YouTube during the quarantine time. YouTube can make these more popular to bring more traffic to this platform. The viewers of TV can see this page of YouTube later this year.

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