Snapchat's Spotlight Feature Offers Competition to TikTok, Surpassing 100 Million Users in January 2021

Snapchat's answer to TikTok's success, labelled Spotlight, has seen a rather impressive 100 million users just two months after its release.

The success of any major enterprise naturally attracts competition in a free market. Such is the case with TikTok, the short form video sharing social media service that's attracted almost unprecedented traction across the globe. While typically regarded as a Gen Z flagship, owing to the ever-burgeoning userbase of young individuals creating content on the platform, its reach has extended and gained a certain amount of popularity with almost every age group that's figured out how to use a mobile phone. Now, such widespread success from a third-party company drew the ire of larger, well-established brands such as Facebook and, the subject of our article, Snapchat.

Instagram tried it's own hand at short form video content creation, labelled Reels. While seeing some flocking of its userbase, Instagram head Adam Mosseri rather clearly admitted in an interview the feature's marked inferiority as compared to TikTok. YouTube, the arguable king of video streaming services, has seen better success with Shorts, a 60-second content feature that's seen particular success in India with 3.5 billion daily views. However, one could easily argue that with the inception of Stories, Snapchat is the progenitor of short form video success, and has a better shot than most at overtaking TikTok's rampant success.

Snap's claim of over a 100 million monthly active users in Spotlight in January 2021, a mere two months since its launch, is nothing short of sprinting out of the gate. This should come as no surprise either, considering the amount of time, effort, and money being dedicated to the endeavor.

Snap recently pledged giving $1 million in USD to content creators for over a month in exchange for utilizing that time to actively pump out videos and get the Snapchat userbase riled.

And for now, that strategy seems to be working, even if there's a long way to go before surpassing TikTok. One must remember that the Gen Z darling surpassed over 100 million monthly active users in June 2020, giving it a huge head start over Spotlight. Then again, there's plenty of time and room for the Snap service to bloom and branch out. Who knows? Perhaps this is finally the opponent TikTok's been looking for all this time. Hey, at least Snap's CEO isn't immediately talking about how Spotlight's falling short to TikTok, unlike the afore-mentioned Facebook-acquired company.

H/T: Snap.

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