Google, YouTube, Facebook Are the Most Visited Websites in the World (infographic)

Since everyone now uses the internet, therefore, it is pretty much obvious that you would know the answer to the top most visited websites in the world. We all use them on a daily basis and that is the reason why they are almost unbeatable (as of now) in terms of statistics and also the way these sites bring ease into our lives.

Yes, you guessed it right! The top three websites (as per monthly page views) are Google (92.5 billion views), YouTube (34.6 billion view), and Facebook (25.5 billion views).

But when the similar number increases to the top 50 websites in the world, there are a lot of other surprising statistics that you don’t know and that is what we are about to reveal right now.

If we sum up the number of visitors the top three websites together cater then there are 152 billion visits monthly to be exact and this figure alone dominates the total of the remaining 47 websites combined that are mentioned in the list.

As the pandemic took place and people were bound to depend on online platforms more for work, learning, communicating, and also shop in the current year, the data drawn from SimilarWeb (as of November 2020) also includes all the factors.

Top 50 Websites In The World At The Moment

At the top, without any doubt, is Alphabet-owned Google that deals with two trillion search queries per annum, and with that Google is also able to bring in 80% of its earnings through ads.

On the second spot comes the world’s largest social media platform with 2.7 billion users. On and it has been observed that an average user spends almost 34 minutes on the site daily. Moreover, 36% of the users in billions have admitted that they prefer staying updated on what’s happening in the world through Facebook - not to forget, this ratio is the highest among all social platforms.

China’s leading search engine Baidu is also ranked at the number 7th spot. It got 5.6 billion visitors in November and now it is also expected that the company is planning to invest in electric vehicles (EVs) by partnering up with an automaker from their own homeland, Geely.

All thanks to the pandemic, Zoom jumped up to #15, and as TikTok also saw the rise, hence it currently stands at the 43rd spot.

Top Websites As Per The Country of Origin

One can say the U.S is the hub of top websites from around the world with 27 belonging to the country. Much of the credit for this also goes to the fact how one company owns a couple of platforms.

For instance, Microsoft at #28 owns seven out of the 50 listed top sites in the world such as LinkedIn (#25) and (#16). There is also Amazon (#13) that owns five including (#32), and all the other Amazon-focused domains in Japan, U.K., and Germany.

Then comes China with five sites to their name; Baidu (#7), QQ (#34), Bilibili (#42), TikTok (#43), and AliExpress (#47). There is also Tencent-owned in the list with over 981 million monthly visits and it is regarded as the topmost news site in the list.

Unfortunately, there are only four top sites that belong to Russia and Japan, whereas the rest of the world comprises the remaining 10 top sites altogether.

What’s The Final Outcome?

Throughout the second half of 2019 (between June and November) the monthly visitors of Google grew up by 52.9%. However, this rate of growth still falls below Instagram which is at #6 with 89.1%, and also Twitter at #4 with 67.1%.

The big tech companies are only increasing their market share and a good example of that is again Google that dominates 90% of the search ad market. In fact, this all is becoming too much to handle and that is the reason why several regulatory bodies are also planning for greater scrutiny on them.

Will there be any limit to the growth of the tech world? Only time will tell!

Infographic courtesy of: Visualcapitalist.

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