Google has expelled ‘The Great Suspender’ Chrome extension saying that the extension had malware in it

The popular Chrome extension called the Great Suspender having more than 2 million users on Google platforms was designed to make the usage of RAM better on the Chrome browser i.e. it worked as a lightweight browser extension to help reduce Chrome’s memory footprint on devices where the user had too many tabs open. It did this by removing unused tabs automatically.

It is only recently that Google has decided to remove the Great Suspender extension. Yes, you read it right. Google believes that the Great Suspender contained malware and that it had other motives rather than just suspending tabs. The extension kept the browser moving a tad bit faster. It has gotten expelled from the Chrome Web Store too, if you pull out on the Great Suspender in the Chrome Web Store, you will be directed to a 404 error page.

The Great Suspender was an open-source Chrome extension which in fact was very helpful; it kept the browser running smoothly by automatically shutting down tabs that were unused for a long time. This was not the first time that extension was termed sketchy. In November of last year there was certain news about the extension, it was also the same time when Microsoft Edge also expelled the extension.

It is being said on Reddit, a website where news related to recent trends is published that the extension contained tracking code that could try to steal passwords. Though no source as of yet has confirmed this statement, but such sketchy activity from Google might possibly lead people to believe this. Google is stating in a very clear manner through a message to its users that the extension has malware in it and has been disabled.

In between this, it has been reported that another extension is available on the Google Chrome Web Store which is based on the version of the Great Suspender (minus the malware tracking things) and is named ‘The Marvelous Suspender’. Users who really enjoyed having the extension are only hoping for this to be true because believe it or not the great suspender was a big help to many of us busy people out there.

This expulsion caused many people to lose their tabs, Google and the developers have still not responded to these complains and many sources have reached out to them for this expulsion and the malware accusations but it is also believed that Google might find a way to restore all those tabs for its users.

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