YouTube has announced its latest slate of original programming for YouTube kids

It is the generation where children have grown up online, and where they go to learn, socialize, and connect with other friends. Every family has a different approach to using technology, access to the internet, and set their digital ground rules. YouTube has spent a lot in protecting the kids and families as YouTube recently has launched a kid’s app, that will protect the privacy of kids under restricting features and age restrictions. YouTube has demonstrated real commitment ensuring that children can also access the internet under the supervision and in an appropriate way for their stage of development.

YouTube knows that children are much curious to know about the world, therefore, YouTube has announced a new slate of programming for the kids including original shows which will have literacy, educational topics, and more assorted representation, with many languages option that will help the children to learn a lot. YouTube knows that the learning power of kids is very high, you just have to give them a suitable platform that should have some appropriate restrictions, in short, YouTube wants to make its platform a kind of online learning institute. YouTube has picked 8 new shows with 25 additional projects which are still in the development stage and will soon be launched.

Kids’ content on the YouTube platforms is gaining much importance because kids give preference to watch their favorite programs on YouTube instead of watching TV like the older generation wanted to catch the cartoon network programs on TV. Many children at the early stage have their own mobiles and tablets which they can use anywhere, so it is very important to show them only appropriate programs, from which they can learn something.

Lego published a story in which it is written that most kids in the USA and the UK want to become YouTubers because they are much inspired by the content of YouTubers and now kids can start their own career on YouTube. However, still, in China, 56% of kids want to become astronauts, and only 18% of kids want to become Vloggers. It is also important for advertisers and marketers to know the shift of content over time.

YouTube previously announced a $100 million commitment to invest in kids and families and educational programs, in which YouTube will reduce the impact on creators caused by the changes in the rules of kids’ programs. In the last year, YouTube announced that targeted ads will no longer be available on kids’ programs which impacted the revenue generation of young creators, therefore, now YouTube has decided to support financially such young creators under a new initiative. In the year 2019, YouTube had to suffer a fine of $170 million for breaking the rules of COPPA, due to the gathering of data on such clips.

YouTube has also hired some experts in areas related to children’s safety, children’s literacy, and children’s development.

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