Twitter releases the latest report detailing the top growing trends on the social network

To get the maximum advantage of the platform, marketers need to leverage the rising trends of the social media platforms. To optimize the use of any app, a general survey is important to get to know about the app, the reason why people are going crazy on one single platform, and how one can get the advantage from the user trends.

After analyzing the tweet engagement of the past two years, Twitter has released a trend report that outlines a number of growing trends which have received maximum engagement.

So, Twitter during its analysis considers the marketing point of view like on what topics people are conversing with each other, and which type of tweet gets the most engagement in terms of people discussing it. During the study of tweets posted by the US users between December 2018 and November 2020, Twitter has finalized six main highly focused trends which include wellbeing, creator culture, everyday wonder, one planet, tech life, and my identity. Each category holds a wider conversational trend of the platform and every trend has some specificities. All the relevant hashtags are also included in the main categories.

The majority of the trends covered in the analysis have been triggered by the pandemic but now as the condition is getting better after the discovery of the vaccine, user engagement is going to change. Similarly, things will be going to change for brands also. For Twitter, this is important to know what people are expecting from a brand and what they will be going to expect in the future to modify the strategic approach. With this update by Twitter, a bunch of perspectives are available that discloses every focused trend depending on the relevant topic.

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