Google to release a whole bunch of updates for Android users including the most awaited pre-scheduling of text messages and the new ‘Password Checkup’ feature

Google has a lot in store for Android users this year; especially in the spring season as it announces new features for the users, this week the tech giant announced that a whole bunch of features are on the works for Android. This will be including a full new password checkup tool, pre scheduling of texts and also many new and improved features for Google Maps, Google Assistant, Android Auto, and screen reader TalkBack.

Talkback will allow users to use their device simply with their voice to write, send and read messages, compose emails and even for online shopping. TalkBack is aimed to be useful for people who are blind or for those who have a low vision.

Ever had to send a birthday wish to a family or a friend at the right time but due to the different time zones you weren’t able to do that ever? Well the new feature to roll out for Messages is one that is already the most in demand these days, the ability to schedule your texts will be the one feature that everyone has had their minds on for a long time and this of course will be a hit among users. This feature will allow you to send your already composed texts at the scheduled time that will be convenient for you. So now you won’t have to worry about not wishing them at the right time because Google, as always has got our backs!

To use this feature, just simply compose your text, press and hold on to the send icon and set the date and time for that message. However, having the latest version of the Android Messages app is essential for this feature to work.

On the security end, the ‘Password Checkup’ feature will roll out along with ‘Autofill with Google’ on devices having Android 9 or above and will work by alerting users of the passwords that might have gotten exposed in the past. Autofill with Google allows users to sign in on apps on other Android devices. With using Autofill, the Password Checkup feature will double check the credentials with a list of already known and weakened compromised passwords, and then notify the user if any credential matches with that list with also giving tips on what to do next after that.

This will direct you to ‘Password Manager Page’ on Google where you too can review your other Autofill passwords facing similar issues. In order to activate this feature, go on settings, then system, click on ‘Languages and Input’, you’ll see an option saying ‘Advanced’ then tap on the Autofill option.

So much to experience yet with these new soon to launch Android features!

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