Great news for Android users who want to watch the highest possible resolution videos just like iOS users, as YouTube now provides 4k HDR playback on Android

YouTube is one of the most visited search engine in the world because of different content videos that everybody wants to watch. But, is it enough to retain the traffic to this platform, now maybe not because the value of the content may be lost if it does not have a high-resolution display? Now in the world of technology people want those mobile phones, DSLR, and 4K cameras which provide the high-quality camera to make videos for YouTube or any other platform. If they spend money on high-quality cameras and make videos for their YouTube channel but the viewers having limitations to watch the same quality videos which are made on 4K camera, that may be not fair. YouTube understands the demand of people therefore YouTube has taken a step to provide you the greatest resolution videos on its platform which you can enjoy in cinema. Now YouTube supports 4K HDR playback on Android.

Before this feature of YouTube, many streamers were having the problem of low-res display even if they were using the 4K or more quality video but still had the limitation by Google to provide viewers only 1440p on Android. Good news for the content creators, streamers, and viewers also to take the benefits of the best quality videos which the iOS users are having to watch the videos up to 2160p (4K) HDR.

This feature will not only benefit the platform but also will be good for streamers and many content creators who have large viewership on Android devices. You can watch films and enjoy yourself with family and friends just like in the cinema. YouTube will support 4K only then, if the video is originally made 4K or more, you can get both options in the quality section pop-up, and in the app. So, the display of your phone does not really matter now, and you can have a high-quality display, not like before that you were wasting your bandwidth watching a 2160p on just a 720p display.

This feature was released a few days ago and it has started coming fast on all Android devices regardless of your account, your country, or your app version. If you are still unable to enjoy the 4K resolution on your Android device, you should download the latest version of YouTube from APK Mirror to make sure that you are not behind from iOS users.

H/T: AP.

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