WhatsApp is working on a feature called mention badge for group chats and some other features too, spotted in the latest beta update for Android

This feature that has been introduced in the latest beta update of WhatsApp is a devoted mention badge which means that you can use this feature in the group chat to mention other people including your friends, families, or others. Not just this, WhatsApp is working on many kinds of features too to meet the requirement of its users. WhatsApp is going to add the updated mention badge together with the pin option of the message.

Besides this feature WhatsApp is also going to release a new animated sticker named Taters n Tots, which was also available in the old version too. If you want to use such a feature, you can tap on the sticker icon in any chat, and choose the plus option, then it will appear first in the sticker packs.

WABetaInfo has issued a report that this improved mention badge feature of WhatsApp will be available for the Android beta updated version. But it is not visible to all the users right now, because the company is currently working on this feature, as soon as the company makes the announcement of its release, it will be shown to the users. After several updates by WhatsApp, it has addressed some bug fixes and other improvements.

The mention badge feature is made in such a way looks pretty simple to users, when you will receive a mention in a group, the badge will automatically be added to the group cell. You will be able to use such a feature only in group chats. It has not available yet for general public, but some beta testers can access such a feature right now.

Recently, WhatsApp has also released a new feature, i.e. face and fingerprint authentication while you are linking a new device. When the user wants to link the web to the account of WhatsApp, the user can give the face or fingerprint to unlock or open their phone, this will maintain their safety if some of the users are privacy-conscious, this feature will help them a lot. Users can use these fingerprints or face unlock before scanning a QR code from their device to link the device. WhatsApp said that its first priority is to maintain the secrecy of the users, therefore it has added this feature, it will prevent the usual logins to your accounts, as in the past few months, there were some allegations on WhatsApp that the information has leaked from some users’ account due to the flaw in the privacy of WhatsApp, therefore WhatsApp keeping in view the users’ satisfaction has decided to release this feature too.

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