Whatsapp brings more security on logging into any account on desktop by enabling biometric authentication

Biometric authentication is used as a form of identification and to gain permission over the person’s account that matches with the fingerprints or any other biometric means installed by that person. It can be fingerprints, face id, voice etc. Biometric authentication is becoming much popular day by day. Many phones use face ID or fingerprints to unlock phones. This is also used by banks for security and on ATM machines for withdrawing money.

Whatsapp, the American messaging app owned by Facebook having more than 2 billion users has been in news for quite some time. At the beginning of this year Whatsapp received much heat from people all around but it soon recovered from that. It has now another feature available for its users. The many benefits Whatsapp brought to us by allowing the app to be logged in to desktop by QR code authentication, now brings more security to it. Whatsapp has enabled a biometric system for logging in to your account from desktop. If you have the biometric feature on your phone, you would unlock the app with it in order to log in with it on the desktop. The feature can be used by fingerprints, face id or even iris scan. This feature will be available by default on iOS devices having iOS 14 with either touch id or face id and on android devices that have the same features installed.

Whatsapp says that by bringing this feature, it is just making sure that if someone would have access to a phone, they won’t be able to log in to its Whatsapp on the desktop and look into the messages and media without biometric verification. Users will have to link their account with biometric installation in order to provide more security to their accounts. Those users who don’t have biometric authentication installed or for some reason haven’t enabled it on their devices will log in to their Whatsapp account on the desktop as usual.

This however not at all means that Whatsapp and Facebook would be getting their users fingerprints or can use and follow up on their data or by any means looking up on their face id. The privacy of the user will be protected no matter what. This update is introduced just to provide extra security to the user’s account.

Whatsapp has announced that this new feature will be available to be in use in the coming weeks or so on suited devices.

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