WhatsApp is widely rolling out a handy feature, in which you can mute your videos before sharing them with others or putting them up as a status story

Recently, WhatsApp has seen the migration of people from its platform to other platforms because of privacy issues. Therefore, WhatsApp is continuously working hard on different features to retain its users on its platform. Currently, WhatsApp is rolling out a feature in which you Android users can mute their videos before sharing them in a conversation or putting it up as your status story. This feature is been launching widely and started working out with the latest stable version of the app. it is possible that WhatsApp may be launching this feature to maintain the privacy of users as there were few allegations of leaking privacy of users on this app. We've recently shared some screenshots that show a speaker icon next to the duration and the details of the file video that the users are trying to send to others. By clicking on the icon is likely to mute the video before sending it in your conversation.

It is not necessary that you have to record video from your in-built camera, you can also take out your saved videos and mute them before sending them to others or putting git up as your status story. This feature is particularly important your videos are having background noise in them which you cannot cancel. This feature will also work as a noise editor. If you don’t know how to use this feature, you simply have to choose a video from your phone’s storage or you can record a video from your in-built camera of your phone, once you have selected a video from the storage of the phone or recorded a video, you will be able to see the sound icon at the top, under the length adjustment of the video. By click on the sound icon, it will cancel the noise of your video and then send it to others or post it to your WhatsApp story.

However, some users are unable to see this feature on even the latest version of WhatsApp installed on their phone, despite even the Play Store is also saying that WhatsApp is updated to the latest version. It is possible because, for some users, this feature may be available via a server-side switch. This feature is now available for Android users widely. However, the exact date for the launch of this feature for iOS users is still not confirmed.

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