Android Apps for Sleep Tracking Will Now Become More Effective

Health and wellness applications have started to create a lot of excitement within various user segments in numerous markets because of the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially end up allowing users to take advantage of technology whilst also making sure that they are sleeping on time and eating right. Sleep tracking apps are a particularly intriguing aspect of this phenomenon since they can help make it so that people can improve their sleeping habits and bring them to a point where they are truly being as effective and healthful as people need them to be.

Sleep trackers are often rendered a lot less effective than they have the potential to end up being by the various limitations Google has put in place for Android. These trackers need to track all of your behavior independently and this can involve a fair amount of guesswork since they are not given the chance to operate constantly in the background as this can slow down people’s phones as well as potentially be a huge drain on battery life and the like if you think about it.

Google is now releasing a new API that could go a long way towards fixing this issue. This API will allow these sleep tracking apps to take advantage of metrics that your device is already collecting. One problem is that they will only be able to track your sleep so they will still have to run in the background for other things, but this will at the very least ensure that the apps can collect accurate sleep data whilst running somewhat less frequently in the background. Google needs to make more compromises like this to create a friendlier app ecosystem that will help users stay healthy while they meet all of the technological requirements of this era.

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