On its 12th anniversary, WhatsApp claims it handles more than 1 billion calls each day

WhatsApp has been on number one in instant messaging apps for many years. The Facebook-owned company celebrated its 12th anniversary while revealing that it manages more than 1 billion calls every day.

It’s been 12 years since WhatsApp has been launched and it continues to grow even more every passing day. Back in 2009 in the month of February, WhatsApp first originated and soon after its launch, the user engagement increases too many folds. At first, users were allowed to share their status with friends and family, there was no audio or video call feature. However, it grew and developed into a complete messaging platform, gradually substituting conventional voice and video calls. After some years, users were enabled to send stickers and gifs and make payments through the platform.

At the beginning of 2021, due to the revised privacy policy, WhatsApp has been called out. The policy was supposed to be implemented in February but now it is expected to be enforced on 15th May 2021.

In its 12 year journey, WhatsApp has become a target of a lot of criticism and appreciation for its revised features. Still, the user count is increasing tremendously. WhatsApp shared the news of the completion of 12 years on Thursday via tweet. Along with its 12th anniversary news, the tweet addresses some of the previously collected figures of two billion active users on monthly basis. Over 100 billion messages have been sent via WhatsApp in these past 12 years. The Facebook-owned company also notified that the team has been managing over one billion calls every single day.

WhatsApp also launched business WhatsApp a few years back to keep your business separate from regular chats. You can deal with your clients on business WhatsApp and use the normal one for messaging friends and family. In February 2015, WhatsApp calling feature was came on board, and in 2016 that feature was further upgraded to a video calling feature. Lastly, in August 2018, users were allowed to make group calls for improved communication.

Because of the interesting features that enable users to communicate via stickers and Gifs, it has gained a lot of users in the past years. In 2014, WhatsApp has become a part of Facebook which enabled the messaging app to grow more rapidly. After which, users were started calling out WhatsApp on sharing their private information with the associated apps due to which the recently revised privacy policy was delayed from February to May 15th.

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