VLC 4.0 to Launch This Year, With New Interface for the Popular Video Player

VLC, which is a rather popular cross-platform media playing software is planning to drop its version 4.0 in the coming months. The developing company of VLC, which is called “VideoLAN”, its foundation president Jean-Baptiste Kempf said that the big new feature is a new redesigned interface which will make the new version look a bit more modern than its previous version.

According to a report from Protocol, the team at VideoLan is trying to bring some other big new changes to the newer version as well. They are planning on adding more online content into the software, hopefully will also make VLC run on a webpage and is also working on an IMDb competitor in the working for it. All in all, the company has big plans for this coming version.

Back in 2019, at the FOSDEM conference the developers at VideoLAN, enlightened the world with a sneak peak of how the new interface would look like and suffice to say it did have new changes and modern looks. Screenshots showed that the light grey color scheme from the older version were ditched and have been replaced in favor of transparent interface elements and more modern looking items. On the changes brought about, the foundation president Jean-Baptiste Kempf jokingly said to the public that with all the new changes they can still use the command line as before.

Apart from VLC, the company is also bringing about more online content within the software and have extensions with third party videos on the platform. There may also be a possibility of the platform offering free ad supported videos similar to how PLEX does it, but that is just a possibility as of now and nothing is confirmed about it. The team is also working on developing a new version of the software that will be more easy to run on a webpage, by the help of using Webassembly and JavaScript in replacement of the old browser plug in.

After this update, the foundation president says that you will be able to play any movie right inside your web browser without any difficulty. The most fascinating and interesting part about these updates is probably the “Moviepedia Project” which is an attempt to build an IMDb-style database for films that can be edited and maintained by users. How cool right?

The new updates and the modern version of VLC looks super advanced and up to date with the modern world and evolving technology. However, no finalized date as to when will it release has been announced yet. Stay tuned to find out!

SS: Fosdem.
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