Facebook will launch a smart watch next year which will focus on health and fitness mostly, as reported

Facebook is reportedly working on smart watches that will launch soon in 2022 as reported recently by The Information magazine. The main goals of the smart watch will be to make sure that everything is done through the watch and people need their smartphones as little as possible.

Everyone by this point in tech world knows the struggles Facebook had to overcome after launching something in the hardware department, for example their Oculus VR headsets received mixed reviews and also with their partnership with HTC. Facebook’s new try towards the hardware side is now through smart watches and only time will tell how it will go in the market. Facebook’s smart watch will have features that will allow the users to use Facebook and the many different apps manufactured by it to contact their family and friends through the apps on the watch. This will also include having apps related to the health and fitness with companies including Peloton.

Facebook will build its smart watch having a built in cellular connection, which means that the watches will be linked to internet via a cellular connection, and they won’t be paired with a smartphone like the usual smart watches are. According to the reports the initial version of the smart watch is to launch next year with also launching an open source version of Google’s Android with a follow up in 2023, all of this is to introduce something new in the smart watches and smart phones platform.

However it also said that with the recent issues Facebook is facing in terms of privacy and with the new update by Apple which will have a negative impact on the app’s platform. Many don’t think that this watch will succeed that much in the market as Facebook has to still resolve many issues that are concerned with their users. The main focus of the watch will be on health and fitness and as mentioned above Facebook has linked up with third parties apps like Peloton.

It’s only exciting to hear news like this and witness how products like these will face the market and how far they’ll succeed. Nevertheless, we think this a great approach on Facebook’s part to try launching a watch that focuses mainly on the health and fitness section and is also making it its priority. Let’s see what else next year has to bring in store for us!

Photo: NurPhoto via Getty Images

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