LinkedIn announced it's building a creator management team to help build this community on its platform

To anyone wanting to launch themselves in the job market, LinkedIn is the platform they sign up to first. LinkedIn is an American-based online service that operates through website and app. It was launched in May of 2003. It is a professional networking site that allows people to search for jobs and post their CVs or even post about positions where they want to hire someone. In a few words, it is the perfect site to look for jobs on and it helps people to launch or grow their careers to the maximum potential.

Recently, the company’s editor in chief Daniel Roth announced that LinkedIn will be the next tech giant company to build a creator management team in order to provide a better user experience.

Every social media company has needed the help of creators to help them thrive. Especially in 2020, with the global pandemic hitting everywhere, content creators were the only people in the job market thriving as more companies and brands needed them to publicize about them, more so, 2020 was the year where different content creators were able to come more in the spotlight with people being quarantined inside their homes and this helped largely with the creators to get the audience which was missing.

With the global pandemic, content creation apps such as TikTok, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and OnlyFans thrived greatly where many investors approached content creators to help with their businesses. Twitter even launched a newsletter platform on its app to help content writers get more limelight and help them launch or grow their careers.

LinkedIn believes that content creators play the role of an engine in every app and that of course is the case with the LinkedIn. The editor in chief on LinkedIn Daniel Roth says that content creators are the ones that come up with original content through posts, stories, videos and articles and set the scene to motion, and they should also get a platform like LinkedIn to share their ideas on. Mr. Roth also announced that he will be hiring a whole team for this and also a head for this community to report back to him the feedbacks in order to make sure the whole process runs smoothly. He said that by having a different team for this it will help with the growth of the content creators community and will also provide them with the support that they need, the mission is to ensure that the creators level up their games by the help of such platforms.

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