US House Committee Told Apple To Upgrade Its Privacy Policy

In the last week of January 2021, there was a letter written to Apple CEO Tim Cook by the United States House Of Representatives Energy And Commerce Committee Chairman Frank Pallone Jr. And Consumer Protection And Commerce Subcommittee Chair Jan Schakowsky, questioning and inquiring about the self-reported privacy “nutrition labels” that are displayed in the media reports available on the Apple app store and can prove to be harmful to the users.

Apple has newly launched their app store policies in which all the developers need to reveal the data collection process and system of their apps for the sake of transparency of the app and benefits of users.

The United States House committee has asked a sequence of questions regarding the procedure of the labels checking. It has also asked Apple to issue information related to the app store privacy system, containing the details of apple’s auditing procedure provided by the app developers and how often they take place, what are the number of apps have audited since the execution of app privacy label have false and misguiding statistics also how will the company retaliate if the developer is caught providing the misleading app privacy disclosure and weather they are corrected by the company tell if the company is taking any actions if the application is not providing the precise information. The letter has asked apple to bring forth their answers more specifically and precisely by the 23rd of February 2021.

Also, according to the contents of the letter, there is no use of a privacy label if it doesn’t get to work properly. And apple is required to improve the validity of its application privacy, to make sure that the users are getting proper and accurate figures related to their application’s data and are not wronged or harmed in any way.

A recent report from the Washington post told that more than half of the third-party apps that submitted the self-tested privacy labels were totally fake or somewhat deceiving.

Facebook has also called out their method as presenting “no context of the benefits of personalized ads”. Also, the social media giant, while criticizing Apple on “speaking up for small businesses” blog post said that they will be displaying the process and provide more information on how we at Facebook use personalized ads.

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