Recent Legislation Might Force Apple to Accept Alternative App Stores and Platforms

One of the most definitive aspects of the world of tech over the course of the past couple of decades has to do with the fact that Apple has seen enormous success that has actually really changed the way people think about tech in the first place. With all of that having been said and now out of the way, it is important to note that Apple has also created a bit of a closed ecosystem by only allowing its users to download apps from the company’s own official app store along with only allowing users to listen to music that they have added to Apple’s iTunes platform.

Apple as well as other tech companies have come under fire recently for supposedly using anti-competitive practices in an attempt to monopolize certain markets, and in the US in particular legislation has been discussed which would essentially make it so that these companies would no longer be able to hold on to the monopolies that they have acquired over the years. It seems that the first state that is going to pass legislation on this issue is North Dakota, and this will prove to be quite the litmus test for Apple in the future.

This legislation is basically going to end up mandating that app developers no longer be restricted to one single App store at any given point in time. This is supposed to result in a lot more competition and potentially allow other companies to get some headway in this regard, but some are criticizing this for being antithetical to the spirit of free markets and the like. Regardless of whether or not people agree with this legislation, the fact is that it has ended up passing which means that Apple as well as other tech companies might have to change their practices quite soon.

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